Dr. Thuy’s scientific research article

The article, which was written partly by Dr. Thuy – Founder & Chairman of Decotra Jsc., is a pathological study of archival lung tissues from five fatal cases of avian H5N1 influenza in Vietnam

The Establishment of Decotra JSC.,

Decotra was established in 2013 by Dr. Thuy, the Founder & Chairman
Its Headquarter is located in Hanoi City, which is the capital of Vietnam.


Cholessen - the dietary supplement inspired by natural therapies

Decotra manufactured and launched Cholessen, a dietary supplement for those with high blood lipid level, fatty liver and being overweight.


™ Akalong™- The male growth hormone dietary supplement

Akalong was certified under the safety standards recognized by the Food Safety Department – Ministry of Health.

Expansion to Ho Chi Minh, Southern Vietnam

Major investor, Dr Nguyen Trung Thuy, established the first branch office in Ho Chi Minh city, leading to faster expansion of the company due to its more central location.

Trusted partner in the Dietary Supplement market

Decotra was issued Certificate of Exclusive Distributor for ETIAT to distribute Cholessen, Akalong and Sirosy products.

The power expansion of Decotra Chairman

Dr. Nguyen Trung Thuy also is the Stakeholder and CEO of BIDOPHARMA PHARMACEUTICAL JSC which meet the GMP standards amongst 30% of factories in Vietnam.


Be Bo - The herbal baby shower gel

Decotra launched Be Bo – the herbal baby shower gel for babies with natural ingredients to help clean and moisturize the babies skin, especially those with heat rash, nappy rash, blister,…

The collaboration with MaryBaby

In 2017, Decotra collaborated with MaryBaby – the information network and community of Mothers and Babies.


A Cooperation in Innovation

DECOTRA– The first Vietnamese Corporation collaborates with the Dental Institute of Hanoi Medical University in Research, Development, Manufacturing, & Distribution of HMU mouthwash.

First International Certificate

Decotra was issued FDA certification by the “US Food and Drug Administration“ for “Dietary Supplement”

Certificate of The Ministry of Science and Technology

Decotra was certified by the Directorate for Standard, Metrology and Quality of Ministry of Science and Technology

The Myanmar International Furniture Expo 2018

Decotra introduce their products in the international exhibition – the Myanmar International Furniture Expo 2018

International Recognition

The company received a DUNS registration certificate by the DUNS & BradStreet.


Decotra was granted the Most-voted Prize in Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam/ The national festival for innovative startups, TECHFEST VIETNAM 2018.


Decotra debuted on Bond Market

The company issued Corporate Bonds on mtalk.vn

Cholessen's International Review

Product label review by Registrar Corp. USA in July

The eligibility for pharmacy business certificate

Decotra was granted the certificate of eligibility for pharmacy business by the director of Hanoi Department of Health

The certificate of Good Distribution Practices

Decotra was granted the certificate of Good Distribution Practices (GDP) by the Hanoi Department of Health

The re-collaboration with the Dental Institute

Decotra re-Collaborated with the Dental Institute of Hanoi Medical University in Research & Development, Manufacturing, Distribution of HMU mouthwash.

The second FDA certificate

The second FDA certification by the “US Food and Drug Administration“for “Dietary Supplement”.

The international trademark certificate

The company was issued Certificate of Registration by the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization)


The third FDA certificate

The third FDA certification by the “US Food and Drug Administration”  for “Dietary Supplement”


The U.S trademark certificate

The Trademark certification in U.S by the United State Patent and Trademark Office


Factory establishment in Dong Nai, Vietnam.

The factory was completed and issued Operation Registration Certificate by the Dong Nai Province Department of Planning and Investment


The ISO 13485:2016 certificate

The ISO 13485:2016 certificate for three factories of Decotra


Serial International Certificates

The company was certified with a set of 9 FDA certificates for Medical Devices including FXX, OUK, QKR, ONT, PXC, MSH, QSR with Operator Number, LZA, LYY


Certificate of Compliance

Decotra Gained the Certificate of Compliance by the UASL, UK (CE)


Face Masks Announcement

Decotra launched the Face Masks: D 96 (3PLY), DR 96 (5PLY), DE 96 (4PLY)


The International Recognition of Quality

The quality of products were certified through a set of test reports for Face Mask, Gloves, Respirators by International Laboratories.


The Global Distribution System

Decotra collaborated with many international business partners, such as: Nommades, SAVVY SOURCING CO., LTD, Medtren, Qualitest, Take care Chile, US Global Consulting LLC, PP Trading, JH MediKorea Co. inc, Berlin Love.


Going global

Implement a bidding process for the US and Canadian Government


Regulatory Services

Decotra support

FDA, CE consultancy and Testing Services from prestigious laboratories worldwide in performing tests of consumable medical devices


Decotra's international contribution

The company sponsored medical products for the Consulate General of Cambodia and Consulate General of Laos during Covid-19.


The internal contribution to against Covid-19 disease

Decotra sponsored 2000 mouthwash products and 2000 hand sanitizer products to support against the Covid-19 pandemic.


The contribution to against Ncov-virus

Decotra sponsored 2000 HMU Chlorhexidine mouthwash to support for treatment and prevention of Ncov virus pneumonia to the Vietnam Health Union.


Decotra’s activity in Sport

In Decotra, we have Akalong football team


Growth mushrooms environment

Decotra cooperated with the Vietnam Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company to research to make use of medicinal residue after it has been extracted and ground to make growth mushrooms environment.


Smiling Mask Project

Decotra collaborated with associate professor and Ph.D Quynh – Former vice director of the Medical equipment and facilities institute to research in the Smiling mask project.


Medlink application invented

Decotra was the Co-founder, investor and sponsor for the Medlink software.