In the working environment in hospitals, operating rooms, patient rooms, there exist bacteria, viruses and pathogens capable of spreading.

Doctors and nurses often have to contact patients, so the possibility of getting infected is very high. Therefore, to prevent these agents, protective clothing for the health sector must have certain characteristics and meet certain standards such as:
Prevent chemicals seeping through the fabric.
Protect the body from bacteria, germs, viruses.
Spacious, comfortable, well-ventilated.

Our category medical protections include:
– 50 GSM long-sleeved medical protective gear (SMS fabric) with white wrists 1m long.
– 50 GSM patient protective gear (SMS fabric) with elastic cuff 1.2m.
– Medical protective gear 30 grams, SMS, white color, can be glued with sound waves.
Facility Standard: ISO 13485: 2016 – ISO 9001: 2015 – CE (Export EU)
– FDA (Made in America).

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